Shabir A.Wani, Malik Asif, Showket.A.Dar, Shah Asif - Global Warming and Its Impact on Environment    

Antonie  Iuliana, Manole T., Stanciu Mirela, Sand Camelia - The Impact of the Agricultural Technology upon the Biodiversity of the Arthropods Present in the Corn Culture in Sibiu County


Blaj R., Sand Camelia,  Stanciu Mirela, Tănase Maria - Silvo tourism, eco tourism, durable tourism


Nica D., Gergen I., Alda Liana, Mircescu Adriana, Alda S., Gogoasa I., Moigradean Diana, Borozan Aurica Breica, Bordean Despina-Maria - Comparative assessment of mineral content and antioxidant properties of some cabage varieties available on Romanian market


Dobrei A., Dărău P., Ghiţă Alina - The Universality of Grapevine


Brad R. - Comparative analyses of the space exploring growth in natural forests (“Izvoarele Nerei” natural reserve) and in managed forests


Brad R. - Methodological aspects regarding the analysis of beech seedlings crown development


Cîrciu Lenuţa- Gheorghina, Lăzureanu A., Cârciu G., Alexa Ersilia, Negrea Monica - Correlations between rainfall and accumulation of nitrate in water samples from shallow wells of Timis County in 2009-2010


Stănescu Anca - Contrast as an aesthetic proceeding for vegetation organizing in landscape structures


Stănescu Anca - Determinant factors for species choosing in urban street plantations


Costescu Adriana - The study of fertility on table grape varieties obtained at NRDIBH Stefanesti-Arges


Costescu Adriana, Dejeu Liviu Coriolan, Popa Camélia - The comportment of the grapevine seedless clone Perlette 10 St. under the current climate conditions


Fironda (Casapu) Mihaela, Băla Maria - The Use of Pelargonium in Combination with other Flower Plants for their Use in Decorating Terraces and Semi-Shaded Areas


Fironda (Casapu) Mihaela, Băla Maria - Pelargonium Zonale Cuttings Rooting in Different Substrates during summer at the Teaching Facility of the Faculty of Horticulture and Forestry of Timisoara


Cârciu Gh., Lăzureanu A.,  Alda S.,  Manea D.,  Danci M., Olaru Daniela,  Cristea T., Cîrciu D.V. - Impact of some technological indicators on weeding and yield in sunflower


Alda Liana, Alda S., Fora C., Moigradean  Diana, Gogoasa I., Bordean D., Cârciu G.,  Cristea T. - Climatic conditions influence on the variation of quality indicators of some Romanian and foreign winter wheat cultivars


Poşta Daniela Sabina - Impact of biostimulators and of rooting substratum on sapling growth in Ficus carica L. – Part II


Moigradean Diana, Poiana Mariana-Atena, Alda Liana-Maria, Bordean Despina-Maria,   Moisii Iulia, Alda S. - Modification on some agrochemical soil parameters after tomato mineral fertilization


Sotiropoulos I., Madosa E. - Determination of in vitro germination capacity of black pines seeds depending on the sterilizing agent


Tănase Maria, Moise Cristina - Dodders (Cuscuta spp.): skin repose, seed germination and pre-parasitic life


Tănase Maria, Stanciu Mirela, Moise Cristina, Gheorghe Maria - Ecological and economic impact of dodder species (Cuscuta spp. Convolvulaceae) on pratological ecosystems


Săman (Zimţa) Anca, Lăzureanu A. - Study on some Soil Maintenance Systems and their Impact upon some Apple Varieties’ Quality in Conditions of Timisoara


Săman (Zimţa) Anca, Lăzureanu A. - Study on some Apple Varieties’ Quality under the Impact of some Soil Maintenance Systems Used in the Orchard of the Didactic Station Timisoara


Stanciu Mirela, Ciortea G., Sand Camelia, Tănase Maria, Blaj R. - Study on the capitalization in a tourism purpose of the zoo-pastoral heritage of the protected areas Natura 2000


Stanciu Mirela, Ciortea G., Blaj R., Sand Camelia, Antonie Iuliana, Todericiu Ramona - Conservation of natural resources based on exploitation of local/traditional products, and those important for nature conservation


Moisii Iulia, Lazureanu A. - The impact of the method of weed control on the production of oil on sunflower  hybrids Mateol and Splendor in Timis County


Moisii Iulia, Lazureanu A.1, Sambotin Dana - The impact of the environmental factors and of  the fertilization`s level  on production of oil and oil content on sunflower hybrids in the west side Romania


Cretescu Iuliana, Ropciuc Sorina, Velicevici Giancarla, Buzamat Genoveva - Evaluation of relative water content (RWC) at four barley (HORDEUM VULGARE L.) genotypes in response to microwave treatment


Maryam Seyf, Ahmad Khalighi, Younes Mostofi, Roohangiz Naderi - Study on the effect of aluminum sulfate treatment on postharvest life of the cut rose ‘Boeing’ (Rosa hybrida cv.Boeing)


Furdi Florina - Assessment of genetic diversity in a collection of local tomatoes by SDS-PAGE method


ISSN 2066 - 1797