Alexe Constanta, Pricop Simona - Influence of the fertilization on the maintaining of the quality of croton plants (Codiaeum) cultivated in pots

Bădulescu Adriana - The production commodity quality indicator of table grapes obtained to INCDBH Ştefăneşti-Arges

Bădulescu Adriana - Applying green special operations and increase production of table grapes in the vineyard Stefanesti-Arges

Caplan I., Alexe Constanta - Assessment of fruiting precocity of some cherry varieties according to the fruit production in the first year of fructification

Paica Al. ,Sicuia Oana-Alina, Petrisor Cristina - Comparative analysis of different DNA isolation methods for Trichoderma spp. Strains used as biocontrol agents

Fora C.G., Poşta D.S. - Cydalima perspectalis Walk. (Lepidoptera: Crambidae), a dangerous pest of Buxus sempervirens in Timis County, Romani

Drăgunescu Aneta Anca, Dobrei Alina Georgeta, Dobrei A., Mălăescu Ioana Mihaela, Negoiță Ramona - Researches upon the physico-chemical features of some wine vine varieties, cultivated at ‘Dealu Mare’ Vineyard

Ciulca S., Sumalan R., Adriana Ciulca, Botnarescu F. - Study of yield components for some Romanian tomato landraces under greenhouse conditions

Balint M., Poșta Gh. - Research on the Interaction between Genotype and Technological Factors in the Expression of Some Yield Features in the Macău Onions Cultivated in the Belinț Vegetable Basin, Romania

Bere Semeredi A. A., Berar V. - Study of plant yield for some paprika cultivars under different fertilization treatments

Bere Semeredi A. A., Berar V. - The response of paprika yield to different nitrogen level

Ciulca Adriana, Madosa E., Velicevici Giancarla, Ciulca S. - Genetic analysis for test weight in six-row winter barley

Ciulca Adriana, Madosa E., Velicevici Giancarla, Ciulca S. - Combining ability for some grains morphological traits in winter barley

Moldovan Iulia-Adriana, Băla Maria - Analysis of aquaponic organic hydroponics from the perspective of setting costs and of maintenance on substratum and floating shelves systems

Moldovan Iulia-Adriana, Băla Maria - Adapting the flower species Sparaxis tricolor to aquaponic organic hydroponics

Madoşă E., Velicevici Giancarla, Ciulca Adriana, Petrescu Irina, Sasu Lavinia, Ciulca S., Sărac I. - Studies on the variability of biotypes of Ionathan apple variety, from southwestern Romania

Popa Liliana - Art in the public space and its relation with landscaping

Popa (Mercioiu) Liliana - Living Vegetation in Contemporary Art

Hernea Cornelia, Trava I.D., Borlea Gh. F. - Biomass production of some Swedish willow hybrids on the West of Romania. A case study

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