Moldovan Iulia-Adriana, Băla Maria - Research Results Regarding Flower Development in Petunia hybrida grandiflora 'Red' in Organic Aquaponics on Floating Shelves

Moldovan Iulia-Adriana, Băla Maria - Research Results Regarding the Growth of Crocus chrysanthus 'Ard Schenk' în Organic Aquaponics

Agapie Alina Laura, Gorinoiu Gabriela, Horablaga N. M., Rain P., Suba Dana, Pitu S. - The influence of fertilization on production and quality of weath, variety Alex

Becherescu Alexandra, Hoza Gheorghiţa, Poşta Gh., Popa D. - Importance of crop substratum and foliar fertilizers on yield and quality in hybrid cornichon cucumbers

Becherescu Alexandra , Horgoş A., Dinu Maria , Popa D., Balint M. - The impact of organic fertilizers and bioregulators upon the productive and qualitative potential of some eggplant hybrids

Petcov Andreea Adriana, Camen D., Turc Alina, Botos Andreia
- Ammonium content present in the ground water surface in some places in Caras Severin county, Romania

Petcov Andreea Adriana, Corneanu Mihaela, Sarac I. - The characterization of autumn garlic (Allium sativum L.) landraces regarding the traits involved in productivity

Moţ Claudia Anca, Madoşă E. - Studies on variability of morphological characters in the Primula vulgaris L.

Madoşă E., Velicevici Giancarla, Ciulca Adriana, Sasu Lavinia, Ciulca S., Petrescu Irina, Avadanei C. - Studies on morphological characters manifestation of camomile (Matricaria chamomilla L.) in the mine Bârzava - Arad area

Botau Dorica, Bozac P., Popescu Sorina, Alexa Ersilia - Micotoxins production by different Fusarium species isolated from Timis County (Western Romania) in relation with geographic area

Carp Natalia, Ciulca S
. - Study on the dynamics of yield for some strawberry cultivars during the harvest period

Carp Natalia, Ciulca S. - Correlative analysis of the relationships among some yield and quality traits in strawberry

Crăciun (Nan) Cristina, Băla Maria - Research concerning the effect of some growth stimulators on the leaves number of certain Lisianthus exaltatum varieties

Crăciun (Nan) Cristina, Băla Maria - Study of the dynamics of Lisianthus exaltatum leaves number during the vegetation period

Ciulca Adriana, Madosa E., Velicevici Giancarla , Ciulca S.
- Assessment of phenotypic variability for test weight in six-row barley hybrids

Ciulca Adriana, Madosa E., Velicevici Giancarla, Popescu Sorina, Ciulca S. - Diallel analysis of thousand grains weight in six-row winter barley

Gorinoiu Gabriela, Agapie Alina Laura, Horablaga N. M., Pitu S., Petolescu Cerasela, Velicevici Giancarla, Danci M., Suba Dana - Estimation of main effects gene that controls the number of grains in ear character to a set of genitors and wheat hybrids

Popescu Sorina, Boldura Oana-Maria
- Plant genotyping - from molecular markers to DNA barcoding

Sumalan R., Beinsan Carmen, Schmidt Brigitta, Sumalan Renata, Yvin J.C. - Influence of “HAZAL” product on commercial and ornamental characters of Tagetes patula L.

Sumalan R., Beinsan Carmen, Gaspar S., Pascaru Adina, Yvin J.C.
- Researches regarding the influence of fertilization on the main physiological indexes of tomato

Ţenche-Constantinescu Alina-Maria, Szekely G., Borlea Gh. F. - Improving the urban image of the town of Caransebeş by the extension of green spaces and pedestrian areas in the city centre

Dumitrescu V., Borlea Gh. F., Dumitrescu A.,Ţenche-Constantinescu Alina-Maria - Nature protection and sustainable conservation of Rupicapra rupicapra L. in the Retezat National Park area

Lobiuc A., Cuibari Roxana, Frunzete Mădălina, Naela C., Marian Burducea, Ardelean Mirela, Zamfirache Maria-Magdalena - The Effects of Taxus Baccata L. Aqueous Extracts on Germination, Seedling Growth and Physiological Parameters of Test Species

Turc Alina , Cârciu G. Petcov Andreea Adriana - Influence of fertilisation and of weed control methods on weeding rate in the FURIO maize hybrid

Suba Dana, Ţonea C., Gorinoiu Gabriela, Agapie Alina - Evaluation of genetic variability for some morphological characters in some corn inbreds

Simina Alina, Botau Dorica, Ciulca S. - The influence of hormonal balance and in vitro culture duration on the Momordica charantia callus growing

Giorgievici A. Ş. , Pascaru A. , Camen D., Petolescu Cerasela, Danci M., Moatăr Mihaela.
- Sodium chloride effect on germination indices concerning White clover (Trifolium repens)

Pascaru Adina , Giorgievici A. Ş., Camen D. ,Toth I., Petolescu Cerasela, Danci M, Moatăr Mihaela. - Ultrasounds effects on germination indices on Vicia sativa

ISSN 2066 - 1797