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Blaj R. - Nature-based tourism in forests as a tool for rural development – analysis in Sibiu County

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Pavel Petronela-Bianca - Assessment of some physicochemical characteristics and heavy metals content and distribution in soil

Blaj R. - Resinous wood valorification aspects in Sebes forest district

Mina Taghizadeh, Mousa Solgi and Iman Shahrjerdi - Essential oil as an alternative to chemical antimicrobial agent for the culture of strawberry in vitro

Simtion Daniela - Sustainable farm management in agriculture

Tănase Maria - Organic agriculture in the context of sustainable development in Sibiu County

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Coradini R., Madoşă E. - The Variability of Some Yield Components in Different Grape Wine Varieties from Miniş-Măderat Vineyard

Simtion Daniela - Contemporary forms of manifestation of the production functions used in agriculture

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ISSN 2066 - 1797