Papers will be entirely edited in English.
Text should be typed in A4 format as follows:
Top 3 cm
Bottom 2,5 cm
Left 2 cm
Right 2 cm.

The papers must be written in Microsoft Word, and includes:

   Title: Arial, font 16, Bold, Justify.

   Authors: Arial, font 11, Bold, Justify, as it follows: name followed by the surname initial (for lady authors the full given name is required)). Each author will have a superscript number that will mention (in the next line after the authors’ name) the institution he comes from. Institutions name will be typed with Arial, font 10, Justify. For the correspondence author it will be desired to add the e-mail address.

   Abstract: maximum 20 lines, Arial, font 10, Justify.

   Key words: Arial, font 10, Justify.

   Introduction: without title, Times New Roman, font 10, in two equal colons each of 7.86 cm and space between colons of 1.27 cm. In the text, references should be mentioned by numbers in squared brackets in concordance with the References chapter.

   Chapters: materials and methods, results, conclusions, references typed with Times New Roman, font 11, Bold, Justify.

   Text: will be edited with font 10, Times New Roman, Justify, in two equal colons of 7.86 cm with 1.27 cm between colons. The tables, the figures and the images will be presented on the entire page width and text wrapped. In the tables any font can be used in accordance with page frame.

   References: will be done alphabetical, as follows: authors name and initial of surname (for ladies the whole surname will be written) – year – title of the article, journal or publication’s name, page. For books: authors – year – publishing house name, page. Typing will be done with font 10, Times New Roman, Justify.