– JOURNAL of Horticulture, Forestry and Biotechnology -


   Journal of Horticulture, Forestry and Biotechnology is a peer-reviewed scientific journal that publishes papers covering all topics related to horticulture, forestry and plants biotechnologies. Papers manuscripts must contain important theoretical and experimental researches that are original, up-to-date and of scientific importance and fit into the journal topics. Review papers on current topics in horticulture, forestry and biotechnology are also included.
   Manuscripts have to be entirely in English and the peer-review result will be received by the correspondent author in about 30 days, together with the explanations required. Each correspondent author will receive a note referring to their paper manuscript, as follows:

  1. Manuscript is accepted for publication
  2. Manuscript is accepted for publication with minor changes
  3. Manuscript is returned for major changes and re-submitted for review
  4. Manuscript is rejected (inconsistent with the journal)

   Scientists from all around the world are highly encouraged to submit papers on-line for publication in Journal of Horticulture, Forestry and Biotechnology.


Prof. dr. Thomas Ebertseder (Germania)
Prof.dr. Jean-Claude Yvin (Franța)
Dr.eng. Atanas Atanasov (Bulgaria)
Dr.eng. Attila Barnóczki (Ungaria)
Dr. Binder Georg (Germania)
Dr.eng. Manfred Heffner (Germania)
Dr.eng. Peter Kesseru (Ungaria)
Dr.eng. György Somogy (Ungaria)
Dr. Michael Zellner (Germania)
Prof.dr. Ioan Vasile ABRUDAN (România)
Prof.dr. Simion ALDA (România)
Prof.dr. Silviu APAHIDEAN (România)
Prof.dr. Maria BĂLA (România)
Prof.dr. Dorica BOTĂU (România)
Prof.dr. Maria CANTOR (România)
Prof.dr. Gheorghe CÂRCIU (România)
Prof.dr. Sorin CIULCA (România)
Prof.dr. Mihaela CORNEANU (România)
Prof.dr. Sina COSMULESCU (România)
Prof.dr. Marcel DANCI (România)
Prof.dr. Doina DASCĂLU (România)
Prof.dr. Alin DOBREI (România)
Prof.dr. Adelia DUMITRAȘ (România)
Prof.dr. Ovidiu IONESCU (România)
Prof.dr. Olimpia IORDĂNESCU (România)
Prof.dr. Emilian MADOȘĂ (România)
Prof.dr. Ioan OLTEANU (România)
Prof.dr. Irina PETRESCU (România)
Prof.dr. Sorina POPESCU (România)
Prof.dr. Carmen PUIA (România)
Prof.dr. Camelia SAVA (România)
Prof.dr. Radu SESTRAȘ (România)
Prof.dr. Marin SOARE (România)
Prof.dr. Radu ȘUMĂLAN (România)
Prof.dr. Dagmar VIȘOIU (România)
Prof.dr. Ioan TĂUT (România) dr. Adrian ASĂNICĂ (România) dr. Alexandra BECHERESCU (România) dr. Cristian BERAR (România) dr. Dorin CAMEN (România) dr. George FORA (România) dr. Eleonora NISTOR (România) dr. Daniela POȘTA (România) dr. Gheorghe POȘTA (România) dr. Gabriel SZEKELY (România)
Lecturer dr. Marius GRUIA (România)
Lecturer dr. Mihaela MOATĂR (România)
Lecturer dr. Alina Andreea URLICĂ (România)


  • Horticulture and Landscape Architecture
  • Genetics and Biotechnologies
  • Forestry
  • Quality of plant origin products
  • Others